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A typical example of an integrated building complex, the revitalization of downtown Bauru, in the State of São Paulo, includes a set of buildings composed of a shopping mall, a pedestrian boulevard, a square garden, residential buildings plus commercial business’ sets and suites.

It consists of three projects::

  • Station NOB retrofitting


  • Shopping Nações Bauru

Shopping Nações Bauru

Number of commercial spaces: 205
Total built area: 69,800 m²
Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 34,991 m²
Mixed use enterprise:

  • 756 housing units – Central Park View
  • Complex – Pateo Bauru Boulevard
    • 8,000 m² of retail sale oriented ABL
    • Residential with amenities – 56 units (flat)
    • Office boutique with 56 office units

Complexo Imobiliário Integrado

Out from the former Train Station, the true heart of Bauru’s foundation, this
project proposes to recover the city’s heritage, reviving, renewing and socially
reintegrating the old downtown.

Complexo Imobiliário Integrado

The impact of implementing this complex is reflected in the positive rehabilitation
of its most degraded central area, in repurposing and restoring Historic buildings
and sites, thus giving their cultural heritage back to the city of Bauru, together
with value appreciation and sustainability within new economic dynamics
consequently bringing enhanced profitability for its investors.

Complexo Imobiliário Integrado

Complexo Imobiliário Integrado